Scandicpharma supports you in your commercial development. Thanks to our expert marketing teams, the quality of our services, along with the efficiency of our promotion and distribution network, we’ve built solid relationships with our customers, allowing us to offer you the following services:


For each product, Scandicpharma develops a global strategy adapted to the needs of the target customer and implements it through appropriate and highly effective operational marketing.

By analyzing the growth and trends of the market audience, we are able to anticipate the evolution of the product on the market and forecast the future of its success in accordance with the expectations of consumers and competitors.

Scandicpharma establishes a well communicated plan for the launch of products: advertisement in the press and Internet, comprehensive media plan, and thorough statistical studies. Furthermore, to stay on top of the competition and ahead of the marketing trends, Scandicpharma participates in multiple events such as fairs, exhibitions, and seminars.


Scandicpharma ensures quality practices and promotion of products in collaboration with professionals of the field.
We handle the sales and marketing of cosmetic and nutricosmetic products through a well-structured team of consultants covering the Scandinavian market by managing the launch of products, in addition to the daily monitoring of the sales force of each product.