London-based Scandinavian company, Scandicpharma, was founded in 2017 and specializes in the promotion and sale of Natural Organic and Nutricosmetic products.

Pharmaceutical companies dispense great effort and resources into the development of marketing strategies by familiarizing themselves with their target audience.

Scandicpharma and its well-trained, experienced, and highly qualified team will work with you to develop innovative sales and marketing strategies to better address the needs of your customers.

Scandicpharma offers optimum outsourcing, either full or partial, of your sales force, serving as the link between you and your customers. The Scandicpharma team will be your ideal partner in achieving your development goals.

Our goals

  • Achieve full customer satisfaction
  • Provide quality coverage of the four Scandinavian countries
  • Ensure the success and growth of pharmaceutical brands

Our assets

  • Efficient and thorough marketing research
  • High level of professionalism and expertise
  • A fully developed team based on sustainability and healthy values

Our values

  • Integrity of decisions, respect, and ethical business practices
  • Responsibility and transparency of our actions and costs
  • Organization and specialized research of our networks and customer base